Technology and Equipment To Help You Succeed

Your success depends on having the right partners with the right capabilities. At Big Beverages, your co-packing needs are sure to be met by our team of experienced professionals who are equipped with the technology and equipment guaranteed to help you succeed.

What we fill

Our high-speed can line is capable of manufacturing pre-printed or pre-labeled 12oz Sleek and 16oz Aluminum Cans with a 202 end.

  • Cold-fill
  • Carbonated
  • Tunnel pasteurized

Equipment & Components

  • High-Speed Can Line Critical Components
  • Bulk Depalletizer – Alliance
  • 72 Valve Can Filler/Capper (1200 CPM) – Crown Cork and Seal
  • HEUFT-Fill Level and Leak Detection System
  • Double Decker Tunnel Pasteurizer – Krones – Sander Hansen
  • Global Shrink Tray Packer (12 & 24 Packs) – Hartness
  • QF2100 Cartoner (4 Packs) – Graphics Packaging International
  • Palletizer – Alliance

Processing Equipment

  • 2x 10,000G Mixing/Batching Tanks – 5,000G to 20,000G Batch Sizes
  • Steam Boiler § Microblend – Blending and Carbonating System
  • Reverse-Osmosis Water Purification § Wastewater Treatment
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control Lab

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